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South St. George's Welfare Association
Ms. Ann Hopkin helping the needy after Hurricane Ivan's wrath

OUR MISSION: To serve and provide aid to the most needy of Grenada's population in the form of food, medical care and housing assistance.

OUR VALUES:  We believe in giving people a "hand-up" that will lead to self-sufficiency (not just hand-outs).  We value empowerment and involvement and adhere to the highest standards of integrity.

OUR FOCUS:  We focus our efforts on providing aid to all areas of our small island and to enlist the help of the world to partner with us to get results and meet our goals.

OUR GOALS: To help make meaningful, permanent changes in the lives of the most needy residents of Grenada, especially the children and elderly, through our programs.  We seek to  change the direction of the lives of those we serve in positive ways that will improve opportunities forever.

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